What's it all About?

So…you ask:

Why 45 Days to Practice Transformation?

The answer is two words:  YOU and ME.

For years I worked with doctors, helping them market and brand, helping them set-up their practices, helping them succeed.

Firsthand I saw what works -- and what doesn’t.

More than that I saw that YOU don’t have a lot of time for complicated and expensive theory and process.

It’s only a slight exaggeration to say I was “enlightened".

I learned to …

  • Assemble knowledge in one place…
  • Make it simple to understand and implement…
  • Teach a group…
  • Create a community…
  • Share and succeed…

These became my mantras!

Now, when I teach I use a method that works for doctors because it was built for doctors like you.

45 Days, 6 Weeks, 1 Major Transformation!

In the 45 Day 6 week online training program you will learn, step-by-step, how to

  • Build a unique and profitable brand for your medical practice
  • Market more effectively
  • Create your online presence.

And you’ll reach your goal in record time, a month and a half.

You will speed the process (taking all the curves carefully, of course!) of reaching the performance level you’ve always dreamed about.

Learning for Busy Professionals!

Every module is delivered in multimedia format. . .because I KNOW you‘re busy!
You watch and learn from your computer, iPad or iPhone.
You also receive interactive PDF worksheets, resource guides and copies of every slide presentation.
Everything is built to help you gain and retain valuable knowledge -- on your schedule! 


There’s Marketing…and Then There’s Marketing a Practice!

I know the difference -- and I know you know, too!
Marketing gurus?  Sure, they are everywhere.
I’m sure you have heard the promises, all of them:  solve all your problems, make your dreams come true, and on and on.
One problem.
One size does not fit all.
Most of these gurus re-hash conventional wisdom, strategy and tactics not specific to our industry.
I created SBRX marketing training from my years of listening to you, in office after office, waiting room after waiting room.
45 Days is created specifically for doctors.
Specifically about marketing, branding and social media for healthcare.
Our doctors succeed.
Check out what others have to say....


Making the Right First Impression with Your Website
Your website greets patients, current and prospective, 24/7, 365 days a year -- and even in a Leap Year!
What does it say about you?
What SHOULD it say about your practice?
For all too many doctors, their website is the first -- and last -- impression people ever have…before they click away to someone else.

You can learn to make your website stunning -- without paying an arm and a leg.
You will see how to tell visitors, in simple yet elegant language, what you do, what areas you specialize in and why they can trust you.
You will master the art of using the CALL TO ACTION and make it clear what you want the reader to do. After all, they got to your site, now what?
You’ll discover the value of having your site optimized for mobile devices. That’s increasingly important as users shift away from desktop searches.
You’ll learn how to improve your search ranking on Google.
You will understand the online “scan path” needed to craft compelling
copy in the digital age.

Whew, that sounds like a LOT.
I make it amazingly clear and easy to do!